Douglas M. Ross (DMR) is a writer, speaker and idea catalyst exploring innovation, creativity and the power of ideas.
For more than 15 years, he has worked at the boutique consultancy StratX where he concentrates on developing clients’ abilities to create compelling visions, to think and act strategically, and to innovate.  
DMR was passionately involved in developing the startup community in the Tri-Valley – East Bay of San Francisco while he lived in the area (2012-2015).
DMR writes fiction and opinion pieces almost as often as he writes about creative, business, and societal ideas.
He loves hockey, the beauty of Canada, her people, emphasis on multiculturalism and justice for all, and the people, places and Constitution of his adopted country, the United States.
DMR speaks about Canada and The Power of Ideas to interested groups.
He lives with his wife Bridget on the east coast and sometimes in the Sonoran Desert.  He has three grown kids whom he cherishes: Alex, Nick and Ben.